Google ranking

Considering my shifting requirements (more family, more work, less hacking), it only made sense to migrate my personal website over to a hosted wordpress blog. The Pair Networks team has been wonderful over the last few years but I simply don’t need that much infastructure.

It’s always fun to check your Google ranking once you’ve performed such a change. As of today, the second entry that Google picks is a link to a fairly irrelevant post about multi-level marketing. The fifth entry actually links to the WordPress “relocation” tag page where my short piece on what I learned looking for a job is (for whatever reason) picked as the day’s featured blog.

Switching over to Google groups (Usenet, really) provides a different, unfortunate picture. Boy, what was I even thinking about 10 years ago? I had probably spent too much time trying to get things to work and frustration way beginning to become apparent. This has got to be a lesson to remember…

Hopefully this blog’s content related to Data Management and Business Intelligence with progressively take precedence over less relevant material.
 I’d rather have this piece comparing Business Objects and Microsoft Analysis Services cubes come up first;-)

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