Excel and accounting-related blogs

I just happened to discover the Accounting Mechanics blog which focuses on “tools and techniques of the management accountant” and happens to have a link back to my own blog. I’ll catch up with posts there as soon as possible since there seems to be quite a few interesting articles. I’ve already spotted the following:

There’s also a link to another potentially interesting blog, that one focusing on “professional spreadsheet development stuff”.

4 thoughts on “Excel and accounting-related blogs

  1. Hi, I write primarily for management accountants, mostly on the systems and data side of things rather than GAAP issues. From reading your blog I think we share some common ground; as you know management accounting often involves working with lots of data.

    I do also recommend http://smurfonspreadsheets.wordpress.com/ a cut above the average Excel blog, I think.

    Jim (of Accounting Mechanics blog)


  2. Jim,

    I agree. Actually this puts us, management accountants, in a rather unique position. Information Technology departments typically handle large volumes of data, without being ultimately accountable for what the numbers mean or how they are presented. At the other extreme, many knowledge workers can get by working with limited data sets. Management accountants fall somewhere in the middle, handling large data sets and being required to extract meaningful information as well as analyze and present that information.

    Hopefully we can share more ideas in the future – I really need to begin posting more regularly.


  3. That’s a great characterization of the difference in how ‘IT’ and ‘Accounts’ regard data! I’d never managed to think of it like that before – you really hit the nail on the head.


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