Useful utilities for photographers

I’ve been shooting this year’s Christmas pictures with a brand new Nikon D7100 SLR (wonderful, wonderful camera btw but that is discussed in all the right places). Well it so happens that I had set the time incorrectly in the camera’s preferences and only noticed at the point of transferring the files to my computer. All file dates were offset by two months – i.e. they would show October 26 instead of December 26… Since the exif dates drive my entire folder structure via Breeze Systems’ Downloader Pro tags, that was going to be an issue…

I had to deal with the video files (*.mov) manually but there weren’t too many of those. As for the jpeg’s, a couple clever utilities later and all is well:

Step 1

E:> jhead.exe -da2013:12:26-2013:10:26 *.jpg

Step 2

E:> dirdate.exe CREATED= MODIFIED= exif *.jpg

‘hope this can help you out when needed.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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