Setting up Ezdok Camera Addon (EZCA) for FSX under Windows 10

I recently went through the trouble of installing EZCA for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) on a Windows 10 64bit system. Installing EZCA is notoriously difficult and there are plenty of useful resources online to get you going. What I will do here is simply document for future reference some of the specific steps I had to take.

  • Disable antivirus during the installation. If you don’t, chance are good that it will quarantine or even delete the main EZCA executable at (Program Files (x86)EZCAEZCA.exe)
  • If you installed FSX in a non-standard location (G:Microsoft Flight Simulator X in my case which is a dedicated SSD), make sure that the “Authenticated users” group has full control on that entire folder – or at least the user that will be running FSX
  • Since the EZCA installer requires to be run as an Administrator, it ends up creating files under the account used during installation, which is not necessarily the one you’ll be using when you run FSX. You will want to copy c:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoamingEZCA to the AppDataRoaming folder of the FSX user

On a totally unrelated note, once EZCA was installed FSX started crashing after just a few minutes. That seemed related to the famous UIAutomationCore.dll issue faced on recent 64bit Windows installations. Since I was uncomfortable downloading that dll from random places online, an easy way to obtain a clean copy was to open a Windows 7 ISO that was safely stored on my LAN, search for the install.wim file, open it with 7-Zip and get a copy of UIAutomationCore.dll from there.

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