Are you writing effective emails?

A CFO I used to work for insisted that alternatives be listed clearly at the beginning of a message in a/b/c fashion when his input was required. Since he was frequently away from a full-fledged PC, it had to fit on a Blackberry screen with any additional background information tucked below. Well Kabir Sehgal goesContinue reading “Are you writing effective emails?”

Setting up Ezdok Camera Addon (EZCA) for FSX under Windows 10

I recently went through the trouble of installing EZCA for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) on a Windows 10 64bit system. Installing EZCA is notoriously difficult and there are plenty of useful resources online to get you going. What I will do here is simply document for future reference some of the specific steps IContinue reading “Setting up Ezdok Camera Addon (EZCA) for FSX under Windows 10”

Useful utilities for photographers

I’ve been shooting this year’s Christmas pictures with a brand new Nikon D7100 SLR (wonderful, wonderful camera btw but that is discussed in all the right places). Well it so happens that I had set the time incorrectly in the camera’s preferences and only noticed at the point of transferring the files to my computer.Continue reading “Useful utilities for photographers”

Spreadsheet Design Standards

Now this is interesting. I remember searching a few years back for spreadsheet design patterns. That combination of keywords never led me to the Best Practice Modeling Standards upon which BPM – a company founded in 2002 by ex-Salomon Smith Barney investment bankers – provides its modeling products and services. The base version is apparentlyContinue reading “Spreadsheet Design Standards”

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