Applying a complex Excel model to multiple input values

You may remember the day you were introduced to Excel’s pivot tables. It might have happened through a co-worker, a book or an online tutorial but the effect was probably along the lines of: “Wow! How did I ever analyze data without them?” Well, I sort of went through the same experience again several monthsContinue reading “Applying a complex Excel model to multiple input values”

Data-related tips & tricks from around the web

You’ve probably noticed that you shouldn’t trust this blog for real-time news tracking. The following are essentially timeless, however, so here we go… Rob van Gelder (of DailyDoseOfExcel fame) shared a tip back in May on how to build a simple Gantt chart in Excel. I’m posting a link here because it’s the easiest I’veContinue reading “Data-related tips & tricks from around the web”

7 habits of effective desktop data management

Following up on a somewhat theoretical introductory post related to desktop data management, Here are 7 habits which should prove useful when approaching any desktop data-related task. These will be refined based on the discussion you and I will have here, so let me know what you think. I was actually shooting for 10 commandments,Continue reading “7 habits of effective desktop data management”

A new site dedicated to information workers

Arno Nel is up to something with his Information Worker website: Our vision is to develop the site into a place where technical people will turn when they need help or want to see what else can be done, and where business people will interact with peers to understand the difference that technology can makeContinue reading “A new site dedicated to information workers”

Desktop Data Management

The complexity of modern organizations requires their employees to manage an ever-increasing flow of information. Many trends combine to that effect, among which fast growth, under-staffing, inappropriate tools or poor procedures. The purpose of this blog is to create a discussion around all the ways that managing information can be improved from a desktop worker’sContinue reading “Desktop Data Management”

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