Spreadsheet Design Standards

Now this is interesting. I remember searching a few years back for spreadsheet design patterns. That combination of keywords never led me to the Best Practice Modeling Standards upon which BPM – a company founded in 2002 by ex-Salomon Smith Barney investment bankers – provides its modeling products and services. The base version is apparentlyContinue reading “Spreadsheet Design Standards”

Collaborating for a better financial reporting infrastructure

I’ve wanted to elaborate on this post by Andrew Wiles for a while but it appears this isn’t going to happen anytime soon so I’ll simple refer you to it. Andrew analyzes some of the reasons why financial reporting (and MIS reporting in general) should be handled separately from mainstream IT, and goes on toContinue reading “Collaborating for a better financial reporting infrastructure”

7 habits of effective desktop data management

Following up on a somewhat theoretical introductory post related to desktop data management, Here are 7 habits which should prove useful when approaching any desktop data-related task. These will be refined based on the discussion you and I will have here, so let me know what you think. I was actually shooting for 10 commandments,Continue reading “7 habits of effective desktop data management”

Desktop Data Management

The complexity of modern organizations requires their employees to manage an ever-increasing flow of information. Many trends combine to that effect, among which fast growth, under-staffing, inappropriate tools or poor procedures. The purpose of this blog is to create a discussion around all the ways that managing information can be improved from a desktop worker’sContinue reading “Desktop Data Management”

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