Data-related tips & tricks from around the web

You’ve probably noticed that you shouldn’t trust this blog for real-time news tracking. The following are essentially timeless, however, so here we go… Rob van Gelder (of DailyDoseOfExcel fame) shared a tip back in May on how to build a simple Gantt chart in Excel. I’m posting a link here because it’s the easiest I’veContinue reading “Data-related tips & tricks from around the web”

XLCubed acquires BonaVista Systems, publisher of MicroCharts

Now this is interesting. Not only do the XLCubed and MicroCharts Excel add-ins work much better together today than when I originally wrote about combining them, but the publisher of the former has actually acquired the publisher of the latter. This is extracted from the message that went out to MicroCharts users: Linking XLCubed withContinue reading “XLCubed acquires BonaVista Systems, publisher of MicroCharts”

MDX tips from one of the masters

Chris Webb shared several valuable tips recently that I want to post here for future reference: Using Linear Regression to Calculate Growth Modelling Goals and Thresholds in Measure Groups An MDX Challenge: Debtor Days Calculating Seasonally-Adjusted Values in MDX Once more, I’m unfortunately only referencing someone else’s content but this is too good to passContinue reading “MDX tips from one of the masters”

The power of Excel-friendly OLAP

Dick Kusleika pointed a few days ago to a paper by Charley Kyd. In it, Charley gives a convincing overview of the possibilities revealed by OLAP-powered Excel solutions. Speaking from experience, I can only attest to the amazing things this combination allows you to achieve. I’m surprised by Charley’s statement that TM1 and PowerOLAP “returnContinue reading “The power of Excel-friendly OLAP”

MDX Trick: Top 10 Plus Other Query

Here is – essentially for my own future reference – a trick that Reed Jacobson posted a while ago. I didn’t use it yet but this will come in handy at some point. WITH SET [TCat] AS TopCount( [Product].[Subcategory].[Subcategory],10,[Measures].[Sales Amount] ) MEMBER [Product].[Subcategory].[Other] AS Aggregate([Product].[Subcategory].[Subcategory] – TCat) SELECT { [Measures].[Sales Amount] } ON COLUMNS, TCatContinue reading “MDX Trick: Top 10 Plus Other Query”

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 CTP available now

Following up on several earlier posts by Charlie Maitland and probably soon to appear all around the BI-related blogosphere, the CTP for PPS is available now! At least I can see it through the Microsoft Connect program. Can’t wait to install a copy and start exploring what’s there – Microsoft seems to be up toContinue reading “Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 CTP available now”

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