Who said flight simulation was a game?

Austin Meyer, owner and developer of X-Plane, is now involved in the development of real avionics. Imagine a flight simulator installed as a piece of equipment in… a real airplane. Now imaging that, as you fly, the software in that little box “constantly simulates a glide down to every runway, in every direction, at everyContinue reading “Who said flight simulation was a game?”

Geocaching: a new kind of game

Not sure about you, but I certainly didn’t know about geocaching until today: “The core sport involves using a handheld GPS unit to guide you to a destination, where a hidden container (“cache”) is stored. Once found, you log your visit in an included logbook, and optionally trade one of the many contained “goodies” forContinue reading “Geocaching: a new kind of game”

What is Web 2.0?

Even if you don’t buy into the “Web 2.0” meme, this article by Tim O’Reilly provides an interesting overview of the recent evolution of Internet applications. Whatever the name, a lot is definitely happening around the ideas of user participation, loosely coupled systems, remixed content and riched online experience. This is a short quote toContinue reading “What is Web 2.0?”

Finally a truly versatile digital assistant

I still remember the day back in in 1997 when I purchased my first PDA on a business trip to Mountain View, California. I got out of Fry’s and back to my hotel room, unpacked the unit (a PalmPilot Professional) and began learning Graffiti. The little beast became part of my life for good afterContinue reading “Finally a truly versatile digital assistant”

Switching AV software

After a few days investigating software antivirus options on the market today, I finally uninstalled Symantec’s Norton Antivirus 2005. Among the multitude of AV software options, my short list was down to Grisoft’s AVG Anti Virus, Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin and ESET’s NOD32. Bottom line is, there doesn’t really appear to be one top AV thatContinue reading “Switching AV software”

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