Oracle Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert

It’s official, I am now an Oracle Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert:-) After several years working with Microsoft Analysis Services, I decided to invest some time in learning more about Essbase. I have to say it has been a fascinating experience, both with regards to the platform’s endless possibilities and the quality of Oracle’s trainingContinue reading “Oracle Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert”

The (Steep) SQL Server 2005 Learning Curve

Stephen Swoyer has published a brief analysis at TDWI on why the SQL Server installed base seems to be growing relatively slowly. Bottom line: the learning curve is steep and corporations cannot easily replace prior SQL Server versions running mission-critical applications.You’ve got to love his quote of Adam Machanic (SQL Server MVP) saying that “comparingContinue reading “The (Steep) SQL Server 2005 Learning Curve”

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