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We spent a while yesterday afternoon at the Interdean warehouse in Geneva – the company that has managed our move and will be storing our stuff until we find an apartment. There were several items we needed to get a hold of (mostly clothes) so we were present when they transfered everything from the shipping company’s container to one of theirs. On a different note, we also spent last week-end in Alsace, visiting Colmar, the Haut-Koenigsburg, “La Montagne des Singes”, Kaysersberg and overall having a really good time. It was freezing, though.
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Time is flying by

It’s been almost two weeks now since we touched ground in Europe. I’ve been busy meeting with family & friends and essentially looking for a job. We’re also getting married in december which is getting really close but haven’t had a chance to work on that much. The good side of all this is however that there’s still a little more time for other things. My father walked me around the Expo.02 area in Neuchatel (he’s coordinating the whole thing). The third large inflatable structure was brought up today and I even had a chance to walk on top of it for a few minutes. There’s an amazing view over the entire town, and it’s pretty strange to be walking on one huge balloon 20+ meters above the lake surface. Too bad most people will only be allowed to wander below those huge stone-shaped, air-filled structures;)

Back in Switzerland

Yep, different timezone. So much has been going on these last weeks that I hardly know where to start. First, I don’t think anybody has fully recovered yet from the September 11 horror. Then, my jobsearch in the Bay Area has led me nowhere, and
we’ve finally decided to move back to Switzerland. Talk about a nightmare. Oh, and Swissair is stuck on the ground but right now I really couldn’t care less. Family and friends are great – both in the Bay Area and in Switzerland -which is helping a lot. We’re for instance living with my father for a while until we’ve found a place of our own.


This morning’s events, with planes crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, came as a shock to everyone. Locally, all San Francisco schools have been
shut down. The airports are closed. All Bay Area bridges are closed to traffic. On the job front, things are moving really slowly. Considering the situation in today’s Silicon Valley, it might just make more sense to go back to Switzerland.We’ll need to make a decision soon.


Time for a short status report. I did need a few days to adjust to this new situation. My fiancee, our friends and some prior co-workers have been awesome, supportive, nice, helpful, you name it. Some have even offered to help me very directly in my job hunt and as of today, there are already a dozen copies of my resume circulating the Bay Area. Not much yet but it’s a good start. And most of them went to people with a name and a face, not an anonymous submission form.